Oriental massages

Approx. 60 min or 75 min


The ultimate in relaxation. A soothing full-body massage from traditional Ayurvedic health teachings, performed with warm oils. It has a deeply calming and at the same time intensely touching effect. The massage also has the effect of releasing deep-seated tensions. It is not for nothing that Abhyanga means “great oiling with loving hands” in ancient Indian.

135 €


Ayurvedic treatment of the head, face and décolleté, taking into account the Ayurvedic energy points. With gentle touches and exquisite oils, special attention is paid to your face.

approx. 25 min. – 40 € / approx. 75 min. – 145 €

Japanese Relaxation Face Massage

This massage combines traditional Japanese concepts of medicine. Maintains radiant skin, reduces sagging skin naturally releases toxins and impurities, regulates skin hydration and relieves muscle tension.

approx. 25 min. – 45 €

Indian Head Massage

The massage has many physical and psychological benefits. It is very effective in alleviating neck and shoulder tension, pains and aches and it alleviates symptoms of migraines and tension headaches.

approx. 25 min. – 45 €

Hot Stone Massage

King of massages! Hot basalt stones and a hand massage relax the muscles. It not only releases tension and cramps in the muscles, but also brings about deep relaxation.

approx. 50 min. – 80 € / approx. 75 min. – 115 €

Lomi Lomi Nui

The holistic Lomi Lomi Nui massage touches body and soul. Typical of the Hawaiian massage is large-scale stroking, kneading and rubbing, A Lomi-Lomi massage is perfect for letting go. Then the gentle grips are caresses for the soul.

approx. 50 min. – 80 €


Release tension with this legendary stretch-based massage performed in our treatment. It is performed dressed in very comfortable clothes.

approx. 60 min. – 100 €

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