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Leisure and Sport

The activities offered by the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis, which include both sports and leisure, will turn your holiday into an unforgettable memory. More and more, we are coming to see holidays as a necessary time for cultivating body and mind. In the hotel, you can practice sports, relax in the Spa or the pools and attend the music nights in the evening. 

Mallorca’s landscape and climate make it a privileged destination for enjoying all kinds of activities in the open air.

Leisure and Sport

The hotel has racquets, balls and a tennis court totally free of charge for our guests.

Leisure and Sport

Son Caliu is a base for numerous bicycle touring routes. The hotel has a space available for storing and cleaning your bicycle. 

Leisure and Sport

Hotel Son Caliu helps you to attain physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our Spa Oasis offers free clases for your wellbeing twice a week.

Leisure and Sport
Paddle surf

Reserve your board and come and enjoy the spectacular coastal scenery around our hotel, and discover the island’s nature from a unique perspective.

Includes: paddle surf board, paddle and wetsuit

Leisure and Sport

We offer you the opportunity to discover many of the delightful nooks and crannies around the island. Our reception department will be happy to advise you in any way you may require. 

Leisure and Sport

Some of the best courses are just a few minutes from the hotel, and our guests enjoy up to 20% off on Green Fees and special packages.

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Leisure and Sport
Scuba diving

Sink beneath the surface and you are free.

Try, scuba diving free in our pool at Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis.

Leisure and Sport

A fully equipped gym with the latest cutting-edge machines and outdoors view, as well as a room for directed exercise classes.

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