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Where to buy the 5 best ensaimadas in Mallorca

Where to buy the 5 best ensaimadas in Mallorca

February. Wednesday 26, 2020

Where to buy the 5 best ensaimadas in Mallorca

The ensaimada is the most typical traditional gastronomic product of Mallorca. Anyone who passes through the island wants to put a piece of this delicious delicacy in their mouths. Today, at the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis, we are going to reveal the name of five establishments where you can buy the best ensaimadas in Mallorca.

The first written references about this product date from the 17th century. Since 1996, plain ensaimadas or stuffed with pumpkin are considered products with Protected Geographical Indication (IPG).

The traditional recipe is made from flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard, although over the years different recipes or different fillings have been prepared. Some of the most famous are the cream ensaimada, the apricot, the ensaimada with ‘sobrasada’ or the one with chocolate.

This sweet pastry is so popular that we can find it in virtually all bakeries, supermarkets and shops on the island. Between such a big offer, it’s not easy to find the best ensaimada. With this post we want you to find the perfect recipe. Here you have a list of the five stores where you can buy the best ensaimadas in Mallorca.

We begin our list with one of the most symbolic bakeries on the island: the ‘Forn des Teatre’. Located in the heart of Palma, it offers its visitors all kinds of sweet and savory pastries. It is a centenary oven, so famous for its ensaimadas and ‘gatós’, that even the New York Times has written about it. We believe that after this last note, there is no need to say anything else.

The ‘Forn Nou’ of Son Sardina is not one of the most known places on the island, and, precisely because of that, many do not know that it is one of the places where they prepare the most traditional ensaimadas of Mallorca. It is located in a town not far from Palma (Son Sardina). It is worth approaching there, because their ensaimadas are not only delicious, but you can also find them at a more affordable price.

Our list could not miss one of the most emblematic establishments in Palma: ‘Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo'. This cafeteria, founded in 1700, is one of the most recommended by locals and tourists. Over the years it has been acquiring such recognition that there are already three places that we can find in the city. Ice cream and homemade pastries are their specialty. We suggest you try their ensaimadas with a cup of hot chocolate. You can eat them there or order them to take away.

Another of the coffee shops where you can taste a tasty ensaimada is in the ‘Forn del Sant Cristo’. This establishment goes out of the traditional, since you have the option to taste their pastries by ordering through the Internet. If on the contrary you prefer to try their artisan ensaimadas, you have different options to choose from, since they have several shops on the island.

Finally, we will recommend a bakery that has been working for decades so that quality and tradition go hand in hand when making the authentic Mallorcan ensaimada. The ‘Forn Fondo’ is one of the best places to taste this delicacy. Its local modernist style does not go unnoticed in the sight of anyone.

This confectionery food is of great tradition on the island, since it has been gaining popularity over the years. Today, there are many types of ensaimadas that you can find in stores. But, if what you want is to try the authentic artisan ensaimada, do not hesitate to try the ones we have recommended, you will love them.

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