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Mallorcan cuisine: From the ground to your plate

Mallorcan cuisine: From the ground to your plate

February. Wednesday 26, 2020

Mallorcan cuisine: From the ground to your plate

Summer is a good time to stop cooking and enjoy other moments, but without giving up eating well. In Mallorca, eating well is guaranteed and in our Biniagual Restaurant of course as well.

Mallorca is a large island divided into three zones; the Sierra de Tramuntana, the Sierra de Levante and the plain between the two mountains. Each area brings its grain of sand to the cuisine of the island of calm. In the restaurant of our hotel, in addition to being able to enjoy our tasty Mediterranean cuisine during breakfast and dinner, we also have a menu service, with international dishes, to cover a large selection of dishes to the taste of all our customers

Vegetables and cereals are abundant on the island, as pig farming is in the interior. On the coast, of course, fishing. These 4 elements nourish the cuisine of the island and are the main ingredients of the most popular dishes. Similarly, the strong pastry and baker tradition is worth tasting.

Wealth in the Mallorcan orchard

The vegetables are the protagonists of the daily diet of all majorcans, such as in the ‘trempó’, which is the typical summer salad of all the inhabitants of the island.

The typical summer salad in Mallorca is very healthy, fresh and easy to make. And what does this salad have that makes it so special? Tomato, pepper, onion, oil and salt. A very simple but exquisite base that allows each chef to unleash his imagination and combine it with vinegar, stepped olives, capers, chickpeas, beans, green beans, cooked potatoes, eggs and so on.

The pepper, together with the tomato and onion, which are the base ingredients in the ‘trempó’ (pronounced “trampó”), is a mallorcan green pepper typical of the island. Like the onion, which must be the one that grows on the island, so that it does not lose that characteristic flavor and becomes a fresh salad like any other. The amounts are also important in this dish, so if you dare to do it, you will have to keep in mind that you have to put a lot of tomato, a little less pepper and little onion.

And continuing with the vegetables as protagonists, we can not stop talking about the "coca de trempó" or the "tumbet". The first, based on the aforementioned salad and a dough made with flour, egg, water, oil, butter and salt is a tasty way for the little ones to eat vegetables without complaining so much. It looks like a pizza! The tumbet can be eaten as a single dish or accompanied by meat, fish or even fried eggs. It is made with eggplants, potatoes, fried peppers and a rich tomato sauce. Two other dishes of little elaboration and tasty palate that you have to aim to taste when you visit Mallorca.

The “Frit de Mallorca” fried is another typical dish with vegetables and lean meat or lamb with potatoes and liver. It is a dish that is not missing in any house and that you have to taste on your vacation on the island.

In our Biniagual Restaurant, vegetables, how could it be otherwise, are also very present and you can enjoy them in pizza, grilled or as companions to other dishes.

Another very cool and typical recipe is also the "esqueixada", a salad with desalinated and crumbled dried cod accompanied by tomatoes, onions and black olives. A different way of eating fish, don't you think?

And at the side, good bread

You can not leave the island without trying the bread of Mallorca, rich in flavor and varieties. “Pan Payés” (rustic bread) and mallorcan bread (brown or white, but always without salt).

And if you have room to eat something else, do not forget to try the “ensaimadas”, the sugar rosary or the “rubiol”, typical sweets of our beloved island.

Enjoy your meal!

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