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The Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis, with the local mallorcan product

The Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis, with the local mallorcan product

July. Friday 12, 2019

Care and commitment to the environment is one of the central aspects on which we base our way of doing things at the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis. With this objective, we have created a network of relationships with local suppliers with whom we are proud to work. In this way, in addition to the important environmental benefit already mentioned, we try to encourage local economic development, trying to buy raw materials from companies located on the island.

Most of our purchases correspond to the food item, and there is the importance of being aware of what we consume and the ecological footprint produced by these foods. For us, the priority is always to work with local product, kilometer 0 product. In many occasions, the transport of food has a great impact, which can be greater than that its own production. When dealing with kilometer 0 products, we ensure that the trip to the diner's plate has been less than 100 km, which reduces the pollution caused both in the production and transportation of the food itself.

In this sense, at the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis we have incorporated the following local products:

- Almond from artisanal production and local markets

- Raixa artisan products, who are dedicated to the artisanal production of products such as nuts, honey, jams, oils, bread and ‘cocas’ following the recipes and traditional mallorcan procedures

- Traditional mallorcan products, such as 'panades', 'cocarrois', vegetable cakes and the world-famous ‘ensaimadas’, always made by local companies

- Our fruits and vegetables supplier acquires everything that’s possible from small local farmers, encouraging small businesses and also maintaining the plantations of the island

- Many products, such as oil, pickles, sausages, eggs and others are also purchased from local companies and producers.

- Another local company collaborates with us by providing water by osmosis system to our Son Caliu Beach Club, and also works on the design of the bottle.

In addition, in our extensive wine lists we have a wide range of wines and even sparkling mallorcan wines. Among them stand out the wines of the Binagual winery, property of the family of the hotel, which are elaborated with autochthonous grape of Balearic creation, and suppose a high quality addition to our winery, being very appetizing for all our guests. On the other hand, in our cocktail bar we have created variations of combinations known worldwide, using ingredients from Balearic production. For example, we have created a version of the famous Aperol Spritz by changing the Italian vermouth Aperol for the mallorcan BOC, becoming the Majorcan Spritz. There are also local gins such as Cabraboc or Suau, or beers from the Balearic Islands, like Rosa Blanca.

This kind of collaboration with local producers provides significant benefits in the maintenance and creation of local employment, and a great environmental improvement by saving polluting transport such as airplanes or cargo ships, as well as an improvement in the quality of the food itself, since it is not necessary to use preservatives and the nutrients are preserved much better.

For all these reasons, at the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis we will continue to collaborate with local companies and producers to obtain the best mallorcan product while striving to preserve the environment.

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