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Discover the most delicious Mallorcan cuisine of Christmas

Discover the most delicious Mallorcan cuisine of Christmas

February. Wednesday 26, 2020

The island of Mallorca, due to the weather and its fantastic lands, offers a wide variety of local gastronomy throughout the year, which allow us to prepare the most delicious recipes. At Christmas we have a great opportunity to taste many of the typical Mallorcan dishes. Next, we will review the most popular so you have plenty of culinary ideas during these dates.

On Christmas Eve, Mallorcan families have several options when preparing dinner. Among the most common are the traditional seafood; the turkey stuffed with nuts or the ‘escaldums’, a way to prepare the turkey very traditional but surprising.

On December 25, Christmas Day, there is a typical delicacy that is cooked in practically all the kitchens of Mallorca and consists of two dishes: first, stuffed soup; and second, the roasted pork. The first recipe is a delicious soup made with a very peculiar pasta stuffed with minced meat. On the other hand, roasted pork is usually served with potatoes and escarole, a lettuce typical on winter salads.

In the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, unlike the rest of the country, December 26 is a festivity that marks the day of San Esteban. And yes, there is a typical feast for this day, the famous cannelloni of Sant Esteve. Although it is true that it is a providential custom of Catalonia, we can see how it is taking root in Mallorca.

After so much main dishes, who doesn't want something sweet? For many, dessert is the most anticipated moment, and we propose to sweeten your guests with the following: ‘coca de torró’, because nougat is a product that can not be missing these days; Candied fruit and waffles are a classic; and with almond nougat, hard or soft, you will not fail. And, with these delicacies, everyone will make some space for the last dish.

If we had to highlight a delight in mallorcan cuisine, it would be the famous ‘ensaimada’ that characterizes us so much. What better time than this holiday to have a good hot chocolate with a portion of ‘ensaimada’? The most traditional take it after midnight on Christmas Eve, although there are also those who prefer to take it on the 25th in the afternoon, or at the first hours of the 1st of January.

In addition, the streets of the city center and towns are full of lights and Christmas stalls where we can find everything from Christmas decoration to local food. Something very typical and a perfect idea to fight the cold is to eat chestnuts fresh from the fire. What better plan than to take a walk under the Christmas lights eating chestnuts in good company?

During the most magical time of the year there are many who prefer to enjoy the food and afford to take a few extra pounds. If you are one of those you can not miss the mallorcan cuisine, which is one of the many charms that this land offers us.

In any case, the important thing is not what’s on the table but what is around it. These delicious dishes would make no sense if we did not share them with the people we love the most and with whom we wish to celebrate these special days. From the Hotel Son Caliu Spa Oasis we wish you some good delicacies in good company during these dates. Happy Holidays!

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