Back Pilates

Via Vitale – Back Pilates

Back Pilates – there is no better prevention

The slowly executed Pilates exercises train the entire body, especially the trunk musculature. Back
classes take 60 minutes and contain: strengthening exercises, stretching, mobilisation and relaxation.
The exercises can be adapted to personal requirements, even if you suffer from heavy back pain or
restricted mobilisation.

Power for your daily routine

Your back will regain forces needed for your daily work routine. Pilates must be understood as
integral/holistic spine training. The muscular system becomes stronger and more elastic. The
exercises train your respiration posture and deep back muscles. Pilates is a true release if you have
problems with contractions in your back. Pain and contractions can be eased by relaxation and

Until mid-May, the Hotel guests will be able to train for free twice a week!