Pilates & Yoga

pilates mallorca locationVia Vitale – the original
Already in 2001, the Pilates studio Via Vitale was founded as Majorca’s first Pilates studio. Many
women aged between 30-87 are profiting from our experience and enjoy the familiar atmosphere of
our studio. Via Vitale offers effective training which is adapted to your personal needs. We teach the
classic Pilates training method, invented by and developed by Joseph Pilates more than 70 years ago.
We are a first class qualified and very experienced team!

Via Vitale – outstanding
Pilates means the art of moving the body with sensitivity in an elegant style. The truth is that only
few understand the methodology of the elegant exercises. With us you feel the difference. Trust us
and invest your time in health and wellbeing, far away from your daily routine. Experience the
original Pilates method… not at someplace but there where this method is understood.
You are special – so are we.
Via Vitale the healthy way – quality and experience

Info: Hotel guests are invited to train with us twice a week – free of charge!